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Stone Cold

This song is by Killer and appears on the album Immortal (2005).

Losing our direction
Loading all the guns
Bloodshed and violence
Killing just for fun
We can't stand each other, soon we'll turn to stone
All these lonely people, do they have a home

Stone cold is the world
Stone cold is our heart
Stone cold the heat is gone
Stone cold we're cold as ice

Victim of evolution
Enslaved by our greed
Suppressing all our emotions
Hiding all our tears
Do we know our neighbours? Can we trust our friends?
We'll never talk to strangers, we're under computer command

Competition and power games
Dying in the streets
Just a number not a name
Hungry mouths to feed
We walk like robots, with mechanical souls
Indifferent and cynical, we'll turn to stone

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