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This song is by Killer and appears on the album Shock Waves (1984).

I'm used to be a loner, since the day I was born
Neither sisters nor brothers, I got no friends to call
I never knew what love was,
But I've been trying again and again
And I found out the answer,
Since you became my friend

I'm used to be a loser, heading for nowhere
I'm searching for a victim, I've got my troubles to share
I need a friend to lean on,
I've been seeking again and again
I need a chance to prove myself,
I wanna show that I'm a man

I am a scarecrow
Chasing birds away
I am a scarecrow
Until the day you came
I am a scarecrow
Lonely in the morning
I am a scarecrow
There's no one here who can hear me call

All I need is your loving, I need you by my side
Ever since I've known you, you made the wrong go right
I was poor and ugly, but you gave me hope again and again
Life is now worth living, I want you to stay my friend

I was a scarecrow
Frozen in a winternight
I was a scarecrow
Burning in the sunlight
I was a scarecrow
Wasted by loneliness
I was a scarecrow
Watching all the birds fly away

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