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Queen Of The Future

This song is by Killer and appears on the album Immortal (2005).

You grew up too fast from a child to a girl
It's hard to release you in this cruel world
I'll teach you and guide you and show you the way
Take some advice from your old man
Queen of the future, queen of dreams you are
Queen of the future, queen of hope you are

You still believe in your dreams and believe in ideals
It's all a proof of your innocence
The road is long and hard but the winds of time
Will fly you to your destiny

You got so much to take and so much to give
Got a whole life waiting ahead of you
Stay clean and refuse what's wrong for you
You got so much to win, but much more to lose

Step by step, you'll climb the ladder of life
Soon you'll find out it's not always a pleasure
Ambush and traps will be blocking your way
You'll deal with sorrow and deception

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