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Killer Lady

This song is by Killer and appears on the album Stronger Than Ever (1984).

The show is over
She's waitin' by the backstage door
I say: Hey honey
What are you lookin' for?
She looks so sexy
Her body's divine
To leave her burnin's a crime
She says: I've heard your music
I love your voice
I'll get to know you
You got no choice

C'mon Killer Lady
C'mon Killer Lady

I'm uncomplicated
I take her to my hotel room
The lights go out very soon
The says: Lets's dance on the rainbow
Straight to the stars
I'll never go back to those gloomy bars
She sets me on fire
I'm under her spell
To quench her desire
'S like burnin' hell

C'mon Killer Lady
C'mon Killer Lady

No princess
No bitch
She ain't no angel
She's a witch
She bewitched me
I'm under her spell
We're racin' around
Between heaven and hell

C'mon Killer Lady ...

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