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In The Land Of The Pharaoh

This song is by Killer and appears on the album Broken Silence (2003).

Ancient history, the legend is alive
Slaves and masters, building empires
Legions of crusaders, sow death and decay
Worship their gods, the kill and they maim

Father of Egypt, ruler of the Nile
Killing and torture, human sacrifice
Shadow of the desert, prepare the afterlife

Sultans of aggression, nomads of trial
Pharaoh, pharaoh
It's the land of the pharaoh
It's the land of the pharaoh

A kingdom of gold is drowning in tears
A victory without glory, built upon fear
Caves of gold and silver, are treasures of a raid
Tyrant of the pyramids, eternal blood on his blade

He will eat you alive, he's the god of the sun
He's judge and jury, but there's no justice at all
Commander of evil, messenger of death
Cruel dictator, he shows no regret

Architectual genius, building temples of doom
Sphinxes and dungeons, arenas and tombs
Sarcophagus with mummies, dead on a throne
Hieroglyphics scriptures, carved in stone

Killer in Egypt, fire on the Nile

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