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This song is by Killer and appears on the album Immortal (2005).

We want it, we need it, we pray for eternal life
Forever and ever, no end, no stop in sight
The road to succeed is long and hard
There's danger behind every corner
We'll never give up, we'll always be there in your minds

The road is long, it goes on and on
Like an always rolling wheel
We'll head for the dream
To be immortal

You make us, you break us, but we, we don't care at all
We're stronger than ever, we, we're not gonna fall
You can't bring us down, we'll fight till the end
We're moving ahead to our glory
We'll never give up and we'll always be there in your memories

In the wake of armageddon, metal hearts will live forever
Even if you cut the power, we'll survive the final hour
For empty headed, the story has no end at all
Do you think you know better, who do you think you are?
In good times and bad times, in rise and in fall
Be sure that we'll never surrender
We'll never give up, the spirit lives on in our songs

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