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Six By Two

This song is by Kill Creek and appears on the album Proving Winter Cruel (1996).

I'll be back to pull the garden.
Spring has proven winter cruel.
And all of summer's beauty lies there rotting.
Stripped like yours from you.

And I know I
Can't stand remembering
The dirt
Under our fingernails.
The silence,
Your defense;
Tired over
Tired hand.
And we spent December
Given our best shot at hating;
But now,
As I remember,
We had no reason
To abuse.

I'll force God to notice
That He is giving nothing back.
And all of us were wet out in the boneyard;
He washed the tears from you.

And I know you
Deserve none of this,
My distance
As we stole flowers
From his grave.
The silence,
My defense;
Tired over
Tired hand.
And I recall the ways
You pretended not to notice,
But we both sowed the soil
That grew only what could die.

And if you believe that I tried only to deceive:
You know that's not true.

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