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Stealing Cars

This song is by Kid Harpoon and appears on the single Stealing Cars (2009).

I'm throwing stones just to get you all alone
I want to take you driving around
So come on, open a window for me
I love it when it's late and the whole city is asleep

When it's time to go creeping in our shadow of a town
I feel like I'm alive with you as we drive
Let's go stealing cars, put your hands up
If you feel like you're in love

Now it's just the two of us in control
Hands on the wheel, we've got the whole night to kill
Our whole live to steal away
In a shadow of a town

Let's go stealing cars, standing in the light
Taking photos of you, streets are alive with gold
Touchdown, it's the prime of our lives
As soon as I hit the ground I start running, I start to run

Let's go stealing cars
Stealing cars

Written by:

Thomas Hull

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