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Zuko's Back In Town

This song is by Kid Dynamite and appears on the album Kid Dynamite (1998).

What if one day I turned to you and said, "I'm not the man that you think I am?"
End a corner and you'll find me there, it's Friday night and there's nowhere to go.
Will you abandon me for a fantasy, so you can gratify your selfish needs?
If you come across some self-esteem. you know I need it please give it to me.

Preconceived misery turns me into a mystery.
but I hold tight to what is true.

Now it's the next day of the rest of my life. Forget about What I told you last night
Still in the corner but I'm standing up, soon enough I'll be ready to go
so go abandon me for a fantasy go gratify your selfish needs
If you come across some self respect you can keep it so you can reflect.

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