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To The Rhythm Of A New Drum

This song is by Kid Down and appears on the album I Want My Girlfriend Rich (2008).

Show her, show her
I c-c-couldn't let her, miss out
They d-d-didn't count down
So I think of every second we lost
Tick tick tick and I am off

Another round sir
Boys night out
Let's celebrate
I am still alive

Should I be thankful?
This just wears me out so I am
Looking for a girl that's rich

I'll let you say it
- You're a sellout!
Ok I'll take that
With a grin

So with these awkward
Times I need to save my life

Some people wanna' break free,
Break free from the crowd
Something that your mum and dad would never allow
They say that this world can be such a scary, scary place
You will be a real disgrace

Got to admit
It's like shit
But the tunnel ended

After a while
We did smile
And they got offended

With the result
In my hand
I am ready to move on with the big no-no's

So now I slide under the doors
Just to make it happen

I reassure you I'm no fool
But it's in the paper

Yeah, with these awkward
Times I need to save my life

I run to the beat
The rhythm of a drum,
To the rhythm of a drum

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