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Show Us The Way

This song is by Kevin Vasser.

Lost and confused with nowhere to go
Decisions I've made, now I'm out of control
Now I realize a change has to come
Today is the day for me to run to Your arms

I lift my hands to You
Because I don't know what else to do
I need a word from You for my life
Guide my footsteps to do what's right
Show us the way

I'm tired of my faults and what I've become
I've played games for so long and I know that I'm wrong
Create in me a clean heart, so I can love again
This time I promise You, I'll never let go of Your hand

Show us the way we won't go astray
In Your will is where we wanna be
You know what best, what's best for me
I give You my hand, Lord and I'll follow Thee
I need a word from You for my life


Written by:

Vasser Kevin T

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