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​Tonight (I'll Be Part Of The Crowd)

This song is by Kevin Johnson and appears on the album Night Rider (1980).

Don't look for me through your window
Don't leave the key in the door
Don't speak to me of tomorrow
That's what tomorrow is for
Who knows in this life what tomorrow is like
It may be we're no longer around
But I'll be out on the town, Tonight

Don't ask those friends of refinement
To discuss intellectual themes
Don't think you'll find me contented
Discussing the 'cause of our dreams
There's more to this life than soft candle light
And music that goes with the wine
And I'll be having a time, Tonight

Give me a part of a crowded floor
Let me dance and yell for more
Where the night's as long as the beat goes on
I don't want no chance for conversation
Or people to talk about when I'm gone

So don't search for faults in my childhood
Don't search for meanings disguised
Don't search for symbols of manhood
Rejecting the peace of our lives
There are times when I like all the lights to be bright
And the music incredibly loud
And I'll be part of the crowd, Tonight