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This song is by Kevin Johnson and appears on the album In The Quiet Corners Of My Mind (1969).

Now you've got the kind of life you always wanted,
Still I see a sadness lingers on,
For love that's comes your way is just like the day,
Will it soon be gone?

Tomorrow, maybe sorrow,
Will come running down our shaded avenue,
For who knows the things that the break of a new day, Can bring?
But tomorrow, we can borrow the happiness we had, Another day,
For there'll always be a part,
Of this happiness left in our hearts.

Maybe it will be the kind of day we've always wanted,
I don't know, Could it be the kind of day we've waited for?
Maybe so.

So don't you cry, girl,
Goodbye, girl is just a thing that happens now and then,
So trust in me now,
And I'll promise you, girl,
That we'll see through tomorrow somehow.

We'll see through tomorrow somehow.