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​There's Nothing I Would Rather Do

This song is by Kevin Johnson and appears on the album Rock And Roll I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life (1974) and on the album Greatest Hits (1980).

Life is like that,
It builds you up and then it lets you down,
And all the brand new hopes you found,
Are lying there, in pieces on the ground around you.

How we need someone,
To help us find those things so hard to find,
A friend who'll follow close behind,
Through the unexpected turnings of our minds.

And I'd give you loving of a kind you've never known before,
I'd give you everything I have and still I'd want to give you more,
Get you back to being what you ought to be,
I'd be standing there when you needed me,

So let me help you,
Let me take your whole life in my hands,
And give you all the best I can,
'Cause I tell you, there is nothing I would rather do than love you.