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​Leave It All Behind

This song is by Kevin Johnson and appears on the album In The Quiet Corners Of My Mind (1969).

You're hanging around here counting the planes going overhead,
Thinking that you might as well be dead,
But you're trying to pretend that you're really enjoying it,
Hanging 'round here isn't going to do you a bit of good,
The world doesn't treat you like you thought it would,
So there's nothing to gain by just sitting 'round waiting,
Maybe wasting your whole life away.

So come away,
Why don't you leave it all behind you?
We can run away,
We can make believe the world has just begun today,
We'll be better off to live without the hurrying, the scurrying,
The cheating and the worrying.

I mightn't look much,
Just a bob a job and dungaree man,
Trying hard to be what I am,
And it's easy to see we've got so much in common,
I can show you a place,
Nothing fancy but it's special to me,
And things are just what you'd expect them to be,
And it's so clear to me that you would never regret it,
So come, and let me take you away.