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It's A Hard World

This song is by Kevin Johnson and appears on the album In The Quiet Corners Of My Mind (1969).

I come into the city with nothing,
Hoping that one day the front doors of fortune would open,
And I'd taste of things I never tasted before.

I come into this city with nothing but yearning,
But slowly the fires within me stopped burning,
When I found out things I should have found our before.

It's a hard world where no-one knows you,
And no-one bothers to look your way,
Unless they want something,
Unless they need something,
Unless they see a laugh or two,
It's a hard world where no-one wants you,
And no-one gives you the time of day,
So you can run around and chase your dreams,
But you will never find a friend that way.

I see people like me with nothing,
Fighting their way through the jungle of bright neon lighting,
Searching for something they're never likely to find,
I see people like me alone and forsaken,
Who thought the good things were there for the taking,
But found the good things had gone and left them behind.

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