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Iridescent Shadows

This song is by Kevin Johnson and appears on the album Rock And Roll I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life (1974).

I remember warm Septembers,
Creeping down an August highway,
And a worn-out, trusted buddy, someone called a car,
And I remember Queensland backroads shining in the sun,
Like the million stars,
Shining in our eyes for the things we'd never done,
But meant to,
Bobby Jones and Billy Soames,
Cousin Joe were there beside me,
Sharing good luck stories and the secrets of the sun,
Hanging on to nothing more than good times yet to come,
Till September days,
Went their separate way,
And thought they came again,
They never seemed the same.

Looking back on the pages of our lives,
Wishing we could live them all again,
Have you ever noticed that the many things we never noticed,
Always seem much better when we're looking back at them,
And I wonder, were those days as good as I remember,
Or am I looking through the rainbows in my mind again,
Do I see the coloured chapters of my life,
Lying there,
Or just the iridescent shadows of some black and white affairs?

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