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Ev'ry Day

This song is by Kevin Johnson and appears on the album Journeys (1978) and on the album Profile (1980).

It wasn't long ago
That life meant nothing more
Than making sure to win in every game
But the life that I once cared nothing for
Has never been the same
Never since you came

I lie down
I turn round
I follow my feet over new ground
I while away an hour or two
But wherever I look I just see you
And I say to myself this phase will just fade away
But I'm seeing you more
Ev'ry day

They told me
It could be
That talking to someone might help me
But I hear you
I hear you
As clearly as tho' I were near you
And I say to myself
That somehow I'll find a way
But I'm hearing you more
Ev'ry day

I do things
Such foolish things
I run through the house when the phone rings
I see you
I hear you
I simply can't wait to be near you
And I say to myself
If I try I can stay away
But I'm wanting you more ev'ry day

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