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​All Our Favourite Songs

This song is by Kevin Johnson and appears on the album Journeys (1978) and on the album Profile (1980).

I've been gone such a long time
Perhaps I left at the wrong time
All the things I remember to clearly remember
Don't seem the same
All the people who are stopping by
Just to claim my long lost friendship
The people smiling from the open doors
Where I knocked before in vain

Yes I remember the first times
I used to think were the worst times
But at least it was easier then to accept all the things I could see
And now it seems as though a whole lot of people are changing their opinions of me

Well let their parties roll on till the sun comes up
Till the moon comes tumbling round
I remember the ones who stuck by me
And the ones who pushed me down
So with a bottle or two of brandy
And some friends of mine along
I'll be out the back of Jeanie's
Singing all our favourite songs

Yes they all seem to know me now
They're all trying to show me how
They're willing to give me the kind of attention
That's worthy of me
But I remember the long hard years
When there was nobody here I could turn to
And all the best Champagne in the world
Ain't gonna dim my memory