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How Country Are Ya?

This song is by Kevin Fowler and appears on the album How Country Are Ya? (2014).

The other night
I met this hot country momma
She was lookin' fine
I was thinkin' ooh yeah
I wanna
Take her home
Make her mine
But all she got to say to my pickup lines
Was whoa hoss!
Hit the break before
We go any further,
Let's get 1 thang straight

How country are ya?
Ya, she said I really need to know
Can you two steps?
Good 'cause I'd had to let you go
You love your momma?
Make lots of money?
You own a shutgun?
Yep, yep
I got 2 of those
With all these city slicker
Wanna-be's I had to be sure

How country are you? Yep!

Well she wore me out
With her long interrogations
I had my doubts and my own reservations
I had a list of little things
I wanted in a woman worth a wedding ring
So I sat her down
Said this won't take long
Yeah I've got a few questions of my own

How country are ya?
Yep, girl I really need to know
Do you shoot whiskey?
Yep! Good 'Cause I had to let you go
Can you fry chicken?
Yep! Whoop up some gravy?
Oh, I think you'd just be my kinda baby
With all these city girls
Sniffin' around I had to be sure

How country are ya?
How country are ya?
We're like 2 peas in a pot
How country are ya?
Come on let's tie the knot
We go together like grits and gravy
Come on let's get to makin' us some babies
If we ever doubted it, now we both know

How country are ya? Yep!
How country are ya? Yep!

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