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One for the Road (1997)Edit

Kevin Fowler - One for the Road
One for the Road
  1. True Love
  2. River of Love
  3. One for the Road
  4. Ol' What's Her Name
  5. Ball and Chain
  6. Tall Drink of Water
  7. All the Tequila in Tijuana
  8. Lost My Heart in Oklahoma
  9. I Told You So

Beer, Bait and Ammo (2000)Edit

Kevin Fowler - Beer, Bait and Ammo
Beer, Bait and Ammo
  1. Speak of the Devil
  2. Butterbean
  3. Penny for Your Thoughts
  4. Hellbent for a Heartache
  5. I Found Out the Hard Way
  6. If Thesse Old Walls Could Talk
  7. Beer, Bait and Ammo
  8. Read Between the Lines
  9. You Could've Had It All
  10. J.O.B.
  11. Drinkin' Days
  12. 100% Texan

High on the Hog (2002)Edit

Kevin Fowler - High on the Hog
High on the Hog
  1. There's a Fool Born Everyday
  2. Senorita Mas Fina
  3. Not Lovin' Anymore
  4. The Lord Loves the Drinkin' Man
  5. A Fool and His Heart
  6. Our Love is a Prison
  7. She Ain't Bad but She Ain't You
  8. Tall Drink of Water
  9. High on the Hog
  10. All the Tequila in Tijuana
  11. Ol' What's Her Name
  12. Fat Bottomed Girls

Live at Billy Bob's Texas (2002)Edit

Kevin Fowler - Live at Billy Bob's Texas
Live At Billy Bob's Texas
  1. 100% Texan
  2. Butterbean
  3. There's a Fool Born Everyday
  4. If Thesse Old Walls Could Talk
  5. Ball and Chain
  6. The Lord Loves the Drinkin' Man
  7. High on the Hog
  8. Not Lovin' Anymore
  9. Speak of the Devil
  10. Tall Drink of Water
  11. J.O.B.
  12. Penny for Your Thoughts
  13. (Is Anybody Going to) San Antone?
  14. True Love
  15. All the Tequila in Tijuana
  16. Read Between the Lines
  17. Bear, Bait and Ammo
  18. 100% Texan (Studio)

Loose, Loud & Crazy (2004)Edit

Kevin Fowler - Loose, Loud & Crazy
Loose, Loud & Crazy
  1. Loose, Loud & Crazy
  2. Get Along
  3. Hard Man to Love
  4. Ain't Drinkin' Anymore
  5. Political Incorrectness
  6. A Matter of When
  7. Long Neckin' (Makes for Short Memories)
  8. Triple Crown
  9. Half
  10. I'll Try Anything Twice
  11. The Lord Loves the Drinkin' Man
  12. Don't Touch My Willie

Bring It On (2007)Edit

Kevin Fowler - Bring It On
Bring It On
  1. Long Line of Losers
  2. Feels Good Don't It
  3. Ain't Dead Yet
  4. Me and the Boys
  5. I Pulled a Hank Last Night
  6. What's Your Point
  7. Bring It On
  8. Cheaper to Keep Her
  9. Slow Down
  10. Now You're Talkin'
  11. Best Mistake I Ever Made
  12. Let's Start Livin'
  13. Honky Tonk Junkie

Best Of...So Far (2010)Edit

Kevin Fowler - Best Of...So Far
Best Of...So Far
  1. Loose, Loud & Crazy
  2. Long Line of Losers
  3. Pound Sign
  4. Beer, Bait and Ammo
  5. Beer Season
  6. 100% Texan
  7. Best Mistake I Ever Made
  8. Butterbean
  9. Senorita Mas Fina
  10. Not Lovin' Anymore
  11. The Lord Loves the Drinkin' Man
  12. Triple Crown
  13. What I Wouldn't Give for Your Love
  14. Ain't Drinkin' Anymore
  15. If Thesse Old Walls Could Talk
  16. Speak of the Devil
  17. Hard Man to Love
  18. Don't Touch My Willie

Chippin' Away (2011)Edit

Kevin Fowler - Chippin' Away
Chippin' Away
  1. That Girl
  2. Hell Yeah, I Like Beer
  3. Here's to Me and You
  4. Daddies and Daughters
  5. Beer Money
  6. Girl in a Truck
  7. Borderline Crazy
  8. Big River
  9. Do That With You Gone
  10. Chippin' Away
  11. Knocked Up (Live)

How Country Are Ya? (2014)Edit

Kevin Fowler - How Country Are Ya?
How Country Are Ya?
  1. Intro
  2. How Country Are Ya?
  3. Guitars and Guns
  4. Before Somebody Gets Hurt
  5. The Weekend
  6. If I Could Make a Livin' Drinkin'
  7. Panhandle Poorboy
  8. Borracho Grande
  9. Love Song
  10. Habit I Can't Break
  11. The Girls I Go With
  12. Beer Me
  13. Mousturdonus
  14. Whiskey and I
  15. Chicken Wing

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