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This song is by Kevin Devine and appears on the album Bulldozer (2013).

"You can't hurt me forever, James
If that's what you're trying."
Your mother, the Capricorn,
Warned your father, the Lion

While you from your bleacher seat
Texted, "Hey Brian
I'm changing my mind again
I wanna get violent

So come take me there
The quiet space
9 o'clock
I won't be late
I won't let you wait for me
I'm hungry now
Let's eat"

So used to the false alarms
It felt like a fire drill
The barn burned, the beams collapsed
But I slept, completely still

I dreamt of a coffee shop
You in your winter hat
Wet snow about your crown
It's weird I remember that

And your eyes were red
You never slept enough
Said "I can't lose you yet
Honey, please wake up"
That's why I'm alive today
You dragged me out
I'm safe
I'm safe
I'm safe
I'm safe

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