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Couldn't Be Happier

This song is by Kevin Devine and appears on the album Bulldozer (2013).

Out in the crosswalk
Reeling after you
Shot through with a soft shock
Rescued and renewed
The world still showed sharp teeth
Angled at our throats
But you said, "We're an army
And I won't let them close."

Watching you from where I am
It's obvious and true:
I'd never been happier
I'd never been happier with you -

"I know why you hurt me
You were just a kid
You shouldn't feel guilty
You couldn't handle it

You made yourself a warrior
You fought enough for two
And I couldn't keep worrying
I couldn't keep worrying for you
Then, I couldn't be angrier
I couldn't be angrier at you."

In context, the progress is difficult to see
It's increments, not mile jumps
The grace collects and waits for us
To catch up.

"Now, I couldn't be happier
I couldn't be happier for you."

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