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When Your Parents Go To Sleep

This song is by Kevin Ayers and appears on the album Bananamour (1973) and on the album Still Life With Guitar (1992).

You lie sleeping all warm
I'm here waiting in the storm
Waiting for the time to come when I can come in
And make sweet love to you till I have to go again.

I've been waiting for hours
I've been through snowstorms and showers
Waiting for the lights to fade and your parents go to sleep
Then just like a randy cat into your bed I'll creep.

Yes I remember your smell
Yes I remember, remember it well
Strange kind of animal music in the night
Crazy feeling, I just can't explain it right.

So I send you these words
Let them flutter 'round like birds
Times are changed and rearranged but something lingers on
I still remember you, that's why I wrote this song.