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The Fall of Skycity Part 2

This song is by Kerion and appears on the album CloudRiders Part 1: Road To Skycity (2012).

Many wars have brought us to the edge
Of a tragic extinction
But from the dust a new age has risen
With a pacific vision

Beyond the clouds we found an answer
For our town, we built the walls
Living where the sun shines forever
And night never truly falls

We walk the road of evolution
Without knowing his destination

Children of the Sky
Looking for wisdom
The way to eternal freedom
And you're asking why
Children of the sky
All that you've built dies
Tears are falling from your eyes
And you're asking why

Every day brings forth a golden light,
Pushing away our ill-fated past
Waiting for the reddish twilight,
Could we take another way?

Looking down at the world you've left behind
It will all catch up to you
Forget all dreams born from your mind
Now they fade to gray with you

One by one the stones of your city
Burn beneath the rise of the machines
No matter to trust what you see
Wondering if there's an aim

Time has come to make your farewells
Deep blue is turning to black
In the air resound the death's bells
And tomorrow will be dark

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