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​Hard and Fast in a Toilet Cubicle

This song is by Kensington Gore and appears on the album Kensington Gore (2008).

Today my heart is spazzin out
So I turn to the sky and I scream and shout
But I don't get no answer back
Till thunder strikes and grey turns black

Girl, you know that tasty feeling I get
No skin and bones, just flesh and sweat
'Cause you know my fresh meat is the best
Oh it's so good in this sweet carress

Now breathe in your lungs
I'm gonna need the air
'Cause baby, where I'm heading
No one likes to share

Now scram!
Before I call the cops on your ass
Now scram!
Before I call the cops on your ass
Oh but the heavens look down on me
And they just fall about and laugh.

So for now I feel safe, yeah I feel I'm getting closer
You're my fail-safe but me, I'm just your closure
For tonight lets play a game where we're cut off from the world
Where the ground shakes and won't get us, where we're just a boy and girl

Sing hallelujah for the dogs and sheep
'Cause in this world baby, that's all you'll be
And one for the wounded, and one for the dead
And one for the demons hiding under my bed

Come on baby, I'm not crazy, I'm just trying to make no sense
But in the end the game will play me just like I played the rest
And I'm not hiding from death; I'm just a little shy
But look at me when I'm out of breath, drowning in my lies

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I feel a little out of place
With my head held high, one last salute to the sky
But the, the sky is turned away

Well I walk in the shadow of the valley of death, and
Death removes my face!
But I feel no regret, I feel no shame;
I walk alone in my disgrace!