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How Long

This song is by Kenny Rogers and appears on the album We've Got Tonight (1983).

How long 'till I touch you
'Til I hold you, 'till I see you again
'Cause I've been searchin' forever
And forever, on me you can depend.

I've been waitin' for a girl like you
One that I can call my own
Tell me if this dream of mine will come true
Girl, I'd like to know, I'd like to know.

How long
Before you let me know you
Before you let me show you
All I have in my world.

Cause you are my inspiration
Can't you see that I need you
Honey, I wanna start.

Let me show you, girl
How good love can be
With someone who love you so
Tell me what it takes to win your sweet love
Girl, I'd really like to know.

'Cause I've been searchin' forever
And forever, on me you can depend...

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