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Devil Child (1989)Edit

Kenny Neal - Devil Child

Devil Child

  1. Any Fool Will Do
  2. Bad Check
  3. Our Love Is Running Out
  4. Can't Have Your Cake (And Eat It Too)
  5. Devil Child
  6. The Son I Never Knew
  7. On My Way to Heaven
  8. Yack Yack Yack
  9. Change My Way of Livin'
  10. I Owe It All to You
  11. The Further We Go

Walking on Fire (1991)Edit

Kenny Neal - Walking on Fire

Walking on Fire

  1. Look but Don't Touch
  2. The Truth Hurts
  3. I Put My Trust in You
  4. Blues Stew
  5. Morning After
  6. I.O.U.
  7. My Only Good Thing
  8. I Been Missing You, Too
  9. Caught in the Jaws of a Vise
  10. Things Got to Get Better
  11. Walking on Fire
  12. Bad Luck Card

Hoodoo Moon (1994)Edit

Kenny Neal - Hoodoo Moon

Hoodoo Moon

  1. I'm a Blues Man
  2. Don't Fix Our Love
  3. Why Should I Stay?
  4. Just One Step
  5. The Real Thing
  6. If Heartaches Were Nickels
  7. Bad Memory
  8. Hoodoo Moon
  9. Believe in Yourself
  10. Carrying the Torch
  11. Money Don't Make the Man
  12. It Hurts Me Too

Let Life Flow (2008)Edit

Kenny Neal - Let Life Flow

Let Life Flow

  1. Let Life Flow
  2. Blues, Leave Me Alone
  3. You've Got to Hurt Before You Heal
  4. Louisiana Stew
  5. Starlight Diamond
  6. Another Man's Cologne
  7. Broken Dreams
  8. Bleeding Heart
  9. Since I Met You Baby
  10. Fly Away
  11. It Don't Make Sense You Can't Make Peace

Songs on CompilationsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. The Red Rooster

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