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Where Do I Go

This song is by Ken Lazarus.

Where do I go when you're not with me?
Can't seem to find myself
Baby, whenever you're away
It seems I go on the shelf
'Cause emptiness is all around since you came into my life
There's nothing I want for more than to make you my wife

You touched my life with your life, made me live again
Nobody knows for sure what makes the boy so blue
But it ain't so hard to understand
When these thoughts of you cloud my mind
Taking the fun from the things that I'm trying to do

Where do I go when you're not with me?
I take leave of myself
Worried if you don't come back soon
I may fall off the shelf
And your world would crumble to dust
Then all the king's horses and men
Putting their forces together, my heart could not mend


Written by:

Ken Lazarus

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