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This song is by Ken Hensley and appears on the album Trouble (2013).

Trouble in the air, trouble everywhere
Every time I turn around, trouble's always there
Trouble with my atmosphere, trouble left and right
Trouble leaves no hiding place, it's ruining my night

Trouble with my bicycle, trouble with my hair
The worst thing about trouble is that no one seems to care
Trouble with religion, trouble is a gun
Trouble seems to follow me, trouble is no fun

You think you've got trouble
Brother stop and see
Trouble ain't exclusive
It's there for you and me
Time to change the road we're on
So one day soon when trouble's gone
Life can be what it was meant to be

Trouble every day, trouble all my life
It's not only trouble, it's the trouble and strife
Nowhere left for me to hide, nowhere left to run
I can't even end it all 'cause someone stole my gun

Trouble over there, trouble over here
Trouble's never far away, trouble's very near
Trouble is resistant, trouble is persistent
All I want to say to it is: "Keep your fucking distance"

Go away, leave me alone
Take a time out, in the neutral zone
I don't mind the game, but you play too rough
You keep changing the rules, and I've had enough
I never asked for it, I hate every part of it
Wish I could go back to the start
I'm gonna beat it, gonna go out and meet it
With the power of a faithful heart

Trouble over here, trouble over there
Trouble don't discriminate, trouble's everywhere
Trouble to the left of me, trouble to the right
When trouble gets the best of me, it ruins my whole night

Trouble with my girlfriend, trouble with my wife
I think I'll have trouble for the rest of my life
Trouble, trouble, trouble will it ever end
Trouble knows the answer and it wants to be my friend

Written by:

Ken Hensley