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(Please) Tell Me When

This song is by Ken Hensley and appears on the album Love & Other Mysteries (2012).

When will we have time
To sit and share the simple things
Moments of our own
To listen to the song that our love sings

It'll never be too late
I love you far too much for that
But time won't simply wait
And we can't have one minute back
When will we have time
Time that we don't have to borrow
Now is yours and mine
We may not even see tomorrow
Please tell me when
Tell me when, tell me when

Listen to the world
Listen to the noise it makes
Its journey never ends
And never stops to count the hearts it breaks

Let's leave it all behind
And build our dreams on solid ground
Our love needs nothing more
Let's share we've already found

We've got to take the time
We've got to make the time together
Before the time takes us
We won't have here and now forever
Please tell me when
Tell me when, tell me when


Written by:

Ken Hensley

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