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Look What You Have Done to Me

This song is by Ken Boothe and appears on the album Black, Gold and Green (1972).

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Now now yeah yeah yeah
Ooh ooh now you're

Now that you're here with me
I want to keep you free
To do the things that you wanna do
The joy of life is loving you
And now the day has come
To let you know where I'm coming from, yeah

The best of my years will go to you
It's the only thing that I can do
But these things, them come overnight
Loving you, baby, and I know I'm right

But before I go, I want you to know
That loving you, babe, it's a way of fact
Oh babe, look what you've done to me
And oh babe, you set my heart free, yeah
Oh my my
Yeah yeah yeah
Oh my no

Sometimes, I will read and then I say
It wouldn't make sense, no, anyway
But forgive me, baby, if I do wrong
I have been a true man for so long
But let me say before I forget
That loving you, it's where it's at, yeah

Now babe, look what you done for me
Oh babe, you set my heart free
Oh my, yeah yeah
You know I've got to have your lovin'

Look what you've done for me
You set my heart free