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John The Translator

This song is by Ken Ashcorp.

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GSL baby
A man of courage
A man of fortitude and respect
He doesn't really like Yu-Gi-Oh
Well what d'you expect?
He's a player and a pimp
And he's here to collect
If you face him on the ladder then you better just quit

Not afraid to ask questions from Michael Grackson
When he's rocking the mic, better step back son
Do you get fanart drawn of you?
Didn't think so
Troll Translator the First
Awwwww here we go!

"What is this fixation with Yugioh? It's not like he's the world cham--- oh..."

John "Junkka" Park
Every time he's on TV yeah he hits the mark

John The Translator, there's nobody greater
Carrying more heat than an incubator
When we need a pickup we'll just listen to your speech
Follow all your dreams like a creep spread's reach

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