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What Its Like

This song is by Ken Andrews and appears on the album Secrets Of The Lost Satellite (2007).

What would it take you to say
Admit this wasn't the way
The way you looked for the faults
And when you found them all
You made them up again so good
Made them up again so good

This is the same thing again
Feeling empty again
I fill up with the lies
That you keep inside
One thing I know for sure, it's not me
Not me
Not me

Stop blaming every little thing you see
For all the pain that you're feeling when you cannot breathe
There is a lot more to it than you wanna believe
But if you don't ever face it you can never know what it's like
To be free

You know what you need to
You never look inside
Your head always spinning
There's never just two sides
The pain that your feeling
You can't ever know it
Your head always spinning
You never will know it
Only so you can be free

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