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Nobody Likes

This song is by Kemo The Blaxican.

It must be the way they count of me
When they need a guarantee to rock a party
It must be all them black and brown blends
Halla'in the word 'Blaxican'

It must be the fact they know my name from
Southern Cali all the way to Spain
Maybe it's the fact that my claim to fame
Was a little southern accent Latin thing

The truth is I ain't got much ice
But I can throw 'em blow and rock the mic nice
Like a full time temp turns a sky blue
From hazy gray, that's what I do

Maybe it's the fact that I roll that joint
Universal ain't that the point
I think that some rather see me crawl on the floor
Like hand and know

But I ain't that type of cat I smack back
Maybe it's the fact that I act like that
Which leads to the fact I don't give a shit
They go their own backyard to deal with

Nobody likes the way he holds his mic
It don't fit in with the trend
The clothes that he wears
The way he comes his hair

He's just that funky 'Blaxican'
Now he ain't got no one
He ain't trying to hurt no one

But if suckas they come out to offend
Then somebody gonna pay
Y'all know that man don't play
And we'll see who left standing in the end

Sick me in a chamber with a thousand beats
Pen to pad, friction to create heat
I flame throw, burn 'em up like the beat mesquite
Hit 'em with a little make you move yo' feet

I want everybody in the joint out they seats
Gangstas, warriors, crooks and thieves
Hustlers soldiers, street elite
You don't know me, I rep the cloth
J-O-I-N-T, I'm the boss

Shit, getting hot, about to blow
Like Sen Dog did it with that Latin lingo
What up to Cypress, Mr. Jacken?
Psycho Realm, Big Duck, what's happening?

Guess who's rapping? The Blaxican
A swift kick put a wiggle in they ass again
I roll with the dead silence cliqua
Life support coming through your speaker

Music feind, Mano Maniac
Most Jehunicko and Sicko black

Tambien la Krazy, you know the deal
I got black siren in my heart for real
Everything I touch, I'ma make symbolic
Surving up hits when my voce is on it


Written by:

David Thomas

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