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​Valuable Things

This song is by Kemet and appears on the album The Night Before (2003).

Do you believe things will change when our world is falling down?
I can't be your Super-Christ.
Do you believe things will change?

Will you find in your church when our wings shall burn, what the distance between us contains?
Will you reach in their words the point of no return?
All the victims of themselves are there.

Is life just a moment in a dream?

Joy in disguise, life pleonasm, frozen reality.
To make the choice of pain was a valuable thing (for you).
Ready to cross the mystic line, to live another life.
To condemn our chances was the best way to reach it (for you).

I do all I can but we're still slaves to the dust, to believe things will change was a valuable thing (for you).

Disappointment disappears in your world made of glass - parasite paradise.
Sorroverload, no latitude to react - passive passion for a plastic God.

All I want to see in your eyes, I won't find it.
All I want to see is an approbation