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​The Lucid Song

This song is by Kemet and appears on the album The Night Before (2003).

Here is a path to reality, the all becomes clear.
When every breath you take is a new proof face to cruelty of dawn.

It's one of my bad habits, when your absence speaks louder than words, delusion fills the air with a sad evidence.
A tranquil breath rocks my distress, then I can't think you could kill me again.
A loss of lucidity... my whole life for nothing.
Is anything certain?

I don't want to be a part of the evidence.
I don't want to be the enemy.
Bliss or despair?
The one I will never be is in your head again.

Face to me, open wide, a breach to your world.
Excuse my curiosity.
Face to me, me again, that stones the flesh then give the first aids.

Suspends ton vol, princesse anonyme, le temps d'un rien, que nos mondes s'éteignent.

You seem so proud of turning the page, seeing our chances rubbing out.
You seem so proud of turning the page.