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​Suicide Me

This song is by Kemet and appears on the album The Night Before (2003).

Just another burden, and more disappointment.
First a futile event, no major consequences.
Then a menacing cloud above a children's park, a death howl that fills your head.
Is it too late?

What about those nothings that threw all our fears to the world?
What about these nothings that make us fall?

Show me what's behind these impassable mountains.
There is no remedy and no cure here.
My false start in life will bring me nowhere else.
Show me what's behind this existence.

Lost in the maze we built I can't be anymore the one that I was.

All the ghosts you pushed back all the golden moments we shared are no more pretexts to survive.
Alive but staggering on the dusts of my past, there are no more pretexts to survive.

Don't let the movie play as we know how the story ends.

Break the rope that remains.
Suicide me 'cause I can't stand one more disappointment.

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