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​Sister Sorrow

This song is by Kemet and appears on the album The Night Before (2003).

Say me how we got here
It's a hard decision so difficult to take
It's my own nature to break
But should I dread not to be this naïve man anymore?
But should I dread to lose for ever my honour?
Should I contain the one I'm becoming?
Should I fight against this new man?
Sister Sorrow, you are my only family.

Am I waiting for a salvation that will never come?
Am I waiting for the merit crown?

Let me fade out into the lucid world before I lose control.
It's inevitable.
Let me discover the world where all is acquired.
The world where hate's embrace is a respite.

What happens when illusion dies and the souls turns into black?
Will you even be by my side Sister Sorrow?

All these not formulated questions by care, to keep our world in its state.
A world built on ignorance, a so evident world, a thoughtless world, my world.

Will you even be by my side or will you leave me anyway?

It's a certainty in my mind,
No hesitation and no debt.
Fragility becomes a memory.
Sister Sorrow, my only family, please leave me forever.