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​Emilie's Broken Heart

This song is by Kemet and appears on the album The Night Before (2003).

Every time Emilie's broken heart bleeds,
She confesses to the monk that her life is awful.
Time is made of regrets and no bliss could bring her back to our reality.
She can't see that this moment here, today will ever last.
She'll a spawn in a game just like us all.

Inside Emilie is broken, my entire flesh burns for her pain,
I could surely die here if she doesn't believe me.
Nothing is more important on earth...

Don't listen to him, Emilie,
He's lying to children...

Face to face, our growing rage is pushing back our anguish
Come to...

Flee the embrace of the bird and burn with me.
Breath my air and share my nightmares
Then you'll understand the time it took me to take control,
The time it will take you to end it all.

You are committed in a battle lost in advance
Certain to find in your demise your rest.

The bird was right, there are so many days to come.
But they are days of pain hunting for aborted aims.

Come to me!