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Soul Of A Woman (1998)Edit

Kelly Price - Soul Of A Woman
Soul of a Woman
  1. Don't Go Away (Interlude)
  2. Friend Of Mine
  3. Secret Love
  4. Don't Say Goodbye
  5. Kiss Test
  6. Soul Of A Woman
  7. You Complete Me
  8. Soul Of A Woman (Interlude)
  9. Her
  10. Your Love
  11. Take Me To A Dream
  12. Lord Of All
  13. Friend Of Mine (Remix)
  14. Secret Love (Remix)

Mirror Mirror (2000)Edit

Kelly Price - Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror
  1. Mirror Mirror (Interlude)
  2. Good Love
  3. You Should've Told Me
  4. At Least (The Little Things)
  5. National Anthem (Interlude)
  6. She Wants You
  7. 3 Strikes
  8. Mirror Mirror
  9. Can't Run Away
  10. The Lullaby
  11. Married Man
  12. Like You Do
  13. All I Want Is You
  14. As We Lay
  15. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
  16. Love Sets You Free

One Family: A Christmas Album (2001)Edit

Kelly Price - One Family - A Christmas Album
One Family: A Christmas Album
  1. Silent Night
  2. One Family
  3. In Love at Christmas
  4. Go Tell It
  5. If I Lose Christmas
  6. What Child Is This
  7. Ave Maria
  8. Mary's Song
  9. Xmas Medley: Little Town of Bethlehem / It Came Upon a Midnight Clear / We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  10. Oh Come All Ye Faithful
  11. Messiah Has Come

Priceless (2003)Edit

Kelly Price - Priceless
  1. Introlude (The Pricey Bunch)
  2. Someday
  3. You Make Me Feel
  4. Take It To The Head
  5. Sister
  6. Again
  7. Priceless (Interlude)
  8. Strong Man (Jeff In C Minor)
  9. How Does It Feel (Married Your Girl)
  10. He Proposed
  11. So Sweet
  12. Whatcha Gon' Do?
  13. I Live Here Now
  14. Girlfriend
  15. If
  16. Back In The Day
  17. I Still Do
  18. You Brought The Sunshine

This Is Who I Am (2006)Edit

Kelly Price - This Is Who I Am
This Is Who I Am
  1. This Is Who I Am
  2. Heaven's Best (Love & Happiness)
  3. Warning
  4. God Is Faithful
  5. God Is Not Dead
  6. Just As I Am
  7. What A Friend
  8. Get Up And Praise
  9. I Can't Turn Back
  10. Healing (For My Soul)
  11. Nobody But Jesus

Kelly (2011)Edit

Kelly Price - Kelly
  1. Tired
  2. And You Don't Stop
  3. Not My Daddy
  4. Himaholic
  5. I'm Sorry
  6. The Rain
  7. Vexed
  8. Speechless
  9. Feels So Good
  10. You Don't Have To Worry
  11. Lil Sumn Sumn
  12. Get Right Or Get Left

Songs on SoundtracksEdit

Songs Featuring Kelly PriceEdit

Other SongsEdit

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  1. 3 Strikes
  2. 3-Way Phone Call
  3. Ain't No Way
  4. Ain't Nobody
  5. Amazing Grace
  6. Baby
  7. Gods Gift
  8. Heat
  9. Heaven's Best
  10. I Can't Hide
  11. I Really Like It
  12. It Hurts Too Much To Say
  13. One Family (Another Version)
  14. Praise In Action
  15. Prophecy
  16. Strong Man
  17. The Gods Love Nubia
  18. While You Were Gone
  19. Why
  20. You And Me
  21. You Give Good Love

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