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Memory Collector

This song is by Kelley Stoltz and appears on the album Below the Branches (2006).

The memory collector
The creak feeling
Takes you in and send you reeling
It's your being in the simplest song
It's the melody so strong
It won't let you forgot
What it is that you've done

Between the brain and the blackboard
Every lesson
Right or wrong you know that you're still guessing
And that shine hasn't been replaced
It'll hide in lines there on your face
They don't let you forget
Where it was that you came from

It the cool air, late afternoon
Sitting alone there on the floor of my room
The fireplace crackles, down the hall
"Dinner's ready!", I hear Mother call
I remember your childhood hair
Flowing wild at the county fair
And how you'd ride on the Himalaya


Written by:

Kelley Stoltz

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