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Beyond Numerical Reasons

This song is by Kekal and appears on the album 1000 Thoughts Of Violence (2003).

(Music: Jeff/Azhar | lyrics: Jeff)

(I. 404 - The Broken)

404: file not found
404: broken link
404: virtual void
404: and so it stands
A universal code of all unfound files
Deep within the world of hypertexts

404: file not found
404: broken link
404: virtual void
404: and so it stands
A message presents in the absence of URL
Unable to access and to download

The web as a holistic approach
For us to collect all information
A dream of more accessible world
In this cybernetic ivory tower

Powerless, as it appears at our monitors
The world of imperfectness, the world of ours

(II. 911 - The Black)

3 digits on a dialing code
To access departments of rescue
Numbers known for help-assistance
Related with a social security

Lines of governmental services
Working in a complete duty
Units seemed to be flawless
With funds that appropriately flow

Still, the world who never sleeps
It will never give up its dark side
Even the rescue code can be taken
As a symbol to create one big tragedy

When the very eyes of the world
Moved by a singular defining moment
Those numbers became a point for another meaning
At time when people both cry, or rejoice
In the awakening of war!

(III. 70x7 - To Forgive is To Suffer)

How often shall we forgive
Up to 3 times? Up to 7 times?
No, it is up to 70x7

We hear a sound of weakness in our minds
The rhythm of the twilight, and rhythm of the night
To give the guilty ones their second lives
And death was only price, a suffering and pain
For us, the unforgiven who get redeemed for free
So can't we give our "enemies"
The unconditional state of forgiveness?

To forgive is to be hurt
To forgive is to suffer

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