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Make It Last Forever (1987)Edit

Keith Sweat - Make It Last Forever
Make It Last Forever
  1. Something Just Ain't Right
  2. Right And A Wrong Way
  3. Tell Me It's Me You Want
  4. I Want Her
  5. Make It Last Forever
  6. In The Rain
  7. How Deep Is Your Love?
  8. Don't Stop Your Love

I'll Give All My Love To You (1990)Edit

Keith Sweat - I'll Give All My Love To You
I'll Give All My Love To You
  1. Interlude (I'll Give All My Love To You)
  2. Make You Sweat
  3. Come Back
  4. Merry Go Round
  5. Your Love
  6. Your Love, Part 2
  7. Just One Of Them Thangs
  8. I Knew That You Were Cheatin
  9. Love To Love You
  10. I'll Give All My Love To You

Keep It Comin' (1991)Edit

Keith Sweat - Keep It Comin'
Keep It Comin'
  1. Keep It Comin'
  2. Spend A Little Time
  3. Why Me Baby?
  4. I Really Love You
  5. Let Me Love You
  6. I Want To Love You Down
  7. I'm Going For Mine
  8. (There You Go) Tellin' Me No Again
  9. Give Me What I Want
  10. Ten Commandments Of Love
  11. Keep It Comin' (Smooth Out Version)

Get Up On It (1994)Edit

Keith Sweat - Get Up On It
Get Up On It
  1. Interlude (How Do You Like It?)
  2. How Do You Like It?, Pt. 1
  3. It Gets Better
  4. Get Up On It
  5. Feels So Good
  6. How Do You Like It?, Pt. 2
  7. Intermission Break
  8. My Whole World
  9. Grind On You
  10. When I Give My Love
  11. Put Your Lovin' Through The Test
  12. Telephone Love
  13. Come Into My Bedroom
  14. For You (You Got Everything)

Keith Sweat (1996)Edit

Keith Sweat - Keith Sweat
Keith Sweat
  1. Twisted
  2. Funky Dope Lovin'
  3. Yumi
  4. Whatever You Want
  5. Just A Touch
  6. Freak With Me
  7. Nature's Rising (Interlude)
  8. Come With Me
  9. In The Mood
  10. Show Me The Way (Interlude)
  11. Nobody
  12. Chocolate Girl

Still In The Game (1998)Edit

Keith Sweat - Still In The Game
Still in the Game
  1. Come And Get With Me
  2. Rumors
  3. Can We Make Love
  4. Let Me Have My Way
  5. What Goes Around
  6. Love Jones
  7. Too Hot
  8. I'm Not Ready
  9. Show U What Love Is (featuring Ol Skool)
  10. Just Another Day
  11. You Know I Like
  12. In Your Eyes

Didn't See Me Coming (2000)Edit

Keith Sweat - Didn't See Me Coming
Didn't See Me Coming
  1. Intro
  2. Things
  3. Whatcha Like
  4. Satisfy You
  5. I Put U On
  6. He Say She Say
  7. Real Man
  8. Kiss You
  9. I'll Trade (A Million Bucks) (Interlude)
  10. Don't Have Me
  11. Tonite
  12. Caught Up
  13. Games
  14. I'll Trade (A Million Bucks)
  15. Only Wanna Please You
  16. Why U Treat Me So Cold
  17. I'll Trade (A Million Bucks) (Remix)

Rebirth (2002)Edit

Keith Sweat - Rebirth
  1. I Want You
  2. Gots To Have It (featuring Ron-Ron & Royalty)
  3. Anything Goes
  4. Ladies Night
  5. 100% All Man
  6. The Right Stuff
  7. One On One
  8. Show Me
  9. Trust Me
  10. Wonderful Thang
  11. In And Out
  12. Can It Be
  13. What Is It?
  14. Live Track
  15. Twisted - (Live, Bonus Track)

Just Me (2008)Edit

Keith Sweat - Just Me
Just Me
  1. Somebody
  2. The Floor
  3. Girl Of My Dreams
  4. Sexiest Girl
  5. Butterscotch
  6. Me And My Girl
  7. Suga Suga Suga
  8. Never Had A Lover
  9. Love You Better
  10. Just Wanna Sex You
  11. What's A Man To Do
  12. Teach Me

Japan Bonus Tracks

  1. Some More
  2. Git At U

Ridin' Solo (2010)Edit

Keith Sweat - Ridin' Solo
Ridin' Solo
  1. Famous
  2. Full Time Lover
  3. Test Drive
  4. Ridin' Solo
  5. Genius Girl
  6. Do Wrong Tonight
  7. Hood Sex
  8. It's All About You
  9. I'm The One You Want
  10. Live In Person
  11. It's A Shame
  12. Tropical

'Til The Morning (2011)Edit

Keith Sweat - 'Til The Morning
'Til The Morning
  1. Candy Store
  2. Knew It All Along
  3. High As The Sun
  4. Lady Dejour
  5. Make You Say Ooh
  6. To The Middle
  7. Ring Size
  8. 'Til The Morning
  9. Open Invitation
  10. One On One
  11. My Valentine
  12. Getaway

Songs Featuring Keith SweatEdit

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. All Eyes On Me (Revisiting Cold Blooded)
  2. Be Your Santa Claus
  3. Dieser Brief
  4. Don't Stop
  5. How Do You Like It? - 12 Club Mix
  6. I Love You
  7. I Pray The Lord My Soul 2 Keep
  8. I Wanna Know Your Name
  9. I'll Give All My Love To You Remix
  10. I'm Not Ready (Remix)
  11. Just A Touch (Bad Boy Remix)
  12. Let's Chill
  13. Nobody Can Freak You
  14. Twisted (Sexual Healing Remix)
  15. Where Did I Go Wrong
  16. Why Me Baby (Part 2)
  17. You Got Me

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