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​Say It Is

This song is by Keith And Renee and appears on the album Detours (2010).

I get up everyday
To the sound of my radio
I take the 8am
Drives me to the North End
I watch the sun come up
Meditate a little prayer

I get to work by 9
I don't like the work I do
I sit down at my desk
Wondering what I'm up to
And how I got to here
Was no big surprise?

Say it is
Say it is possible
Say I'd want to start over?
Say it is
Say it is possible with me

Once I wrote a book but
I never got it published
I thought I had the voice
That could break a golden record
And If I would of pushed
How far would I have gone?
Now can I move on oh?

And If there's a lesson I've learned
I'd taken chances
Instead of letting them burn
Now can I move on oh?