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​Moment I'm With You

This song is by Keith And Renee and appears on the album Best Day (2011).

I heard the phone and I got distracted
My boss is calling I can't relax
With all the papers on my desk
I can't seem to catch my breath
Things are looking up cause
I'm counting down the hours till I'm out
Every second, getting closer

To the moment I'm with you
I know everything is cool
I can finally be still
I can let myself be real
When I look into your eyes
I lose all my sense of time
There is nothing left to do
In the moment I'm with you

Lying in your bed on Tuesday
Sleeping in 'cause we don't care
Together we just lose ourselves
Watching re-runds playing truth or dare
And it feels so good
To turn off the world around us
Nothing coming, nothing going

How calm the world
How great is great
When you and I
Can take a break
Cause while the world
Is buzzing around
You and I don't hear a sound