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Mind Games

This song is by Keith And Renee and appears on the album Detours (2010).

I cannot sleep with you tonight
No words you say make me feel right
I toss and turn to get you out of sight

And when I wake up, you're still there
Even in the bathroom, no matter where
I'm going crazy with you by my side

You're still speaking
Please stop talking
There's no reason why you try to bruise me

It's the mind (3x)

Help me remember who you are
I'm on this planet filled in stars
But somehow you crash in and crush my heart

Your comments breathing down my neck
I'll pinch my skin so I'm in check
You get me mad
Why am I upset?

Am I dreaming?
You're here screaming
What's the reason?
Why you try to ruin me?

It's the mind (3x)

Then it gets quiet, I hear no sound
My heart begins to dance around
I let you go and I start to live
So much beauty I never knew
So much to love, so much is true
How did I miss it?
Where did I go?

It was the mind playing games

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