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This song is by Keith And Renee and appears on the album Detours (2010).

Tonight I want to be with you
Tonight I want to carve your name in stone
I'm taking my baby out
Taking him to the carnival

I want to ride all the rides
I want to have him on my side
Tonight you're gonna make me smile
You're the only one I want

You make all my dreams come true
You make my eyes set still on you
You make everything feel brand new
I know (3x)
When I'm being wrapped up inside your arms
I want to give you what ever you want
From up, up high on a ferriswheel
I know (3x)

I'm crazy in love with you
You take me higher than an air balloon
We're bumping boats, crashing cars
Watching the moon
Counting the stars

You make all my dreams on a Saturday night
You make me remember why I am alive
Make every minute feel so real
I know (3x)
I'm in love

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