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This song is by Keith And Renee and appears on the album Simple Stuff (2004).

Colleen was sitting all alone
Over by the steel stove waiting
In the corner of a smoky bar
Just got in from New York State
Waiting on a dinner plate and taking
Everything she could for what it's worth

Her worn out sneakers and ripped up soles
Tired eyes and a pointed nose
And all the things that she'd been through


She's talking on her cell phone
Leave a message at the tone
Lately, she just feels all alone
Can't believe the things she said
The beer was rushing to her head and maybe
Her fleeting heart just wouldn't want to go

Her swollen knees and a ripped up shirt
Tired eyes and a checkered skirt
And all the things that she'd been through

Hang on Colleen
Things are not what they seem to be
You're not alone
Someone cares

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