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​Boy's Don't Cry

This song is by Keith And Renee and appears on the album Simple Stuff (2004).

Not that long ago maybe five or so
I was a child

Saw the world with eyes
Open wide and bright
Innocent smile
In a world of greed
Everyone in need
I stayed a child
Never cry the tears
Never show your fears
Innocent child
Boys don't cry the ones who succeed
Act your age be all you can be
You can be

(Chords same for rest of verses)

So my world began
Made a superman
Disguised a child
Hold the family name
In your hands they'd say
You are our child
When your granddad died
He held up his pride
Lived quite a while
You must do the same
Never be ashamed
You'll make us proud

And so to this day
I've remained this way
Innocent child
Lived my forty years
Never showing fear
Not for a while

Tried to break away
Hard to live that way
In front of your child
Listen to me son
Don't do what I've done
Cry like a child

Boys do cry the one's who succeed
Act your age be all you can be
Your can be